We catch up with Lisa Cotter


My Name is Lisa Cotter and I live near Midleton in County Cork. I have recently become mother to my second beautiful baby girl. I know that being a mum is the most exciting thing in the world but it also is a little scary, there is so much to learn and getting it right is the most important thing on your mind.

After the birth of my first baby girl, I heard about Placenta Encapsulation. I only wish that I had heard about it before, so that I could have made an informed decision.

Because of this, I decided to get on line and eventually found the Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN) in the U.K., who provide training & Certification for Placenta Encapsulation Specialists and I haven’t looked back.
I just knew that I wanted to be able to tell other women what I know now, so that other mothers could benefit from Placenta Encapsulation

Irish-Placenta-Encapsulation-Services is Ireland’s first network of placenta practitioners, providing information,support and placenta services such as encapsulation (your very own vitamins!), smoothies, tincture, essences,homeopathic remedies balms and keepsakes.

Encapsulation of your own placenta entails drying the placenta, grinding it after and putting the powder into capsules for the mother consumption.
Each placenta contains nutrients specific to each mother and can help with post partum bleeding, milk supply and mood issues………… Please get in touch for further information

Cick to Connect


If you would like to contact me for more information, you can email me at lisa@placentaencapsulationcork.com

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