Have you seen Free From Guru ?

As frustrated shoppers for multiple free-from diets in the one household, going blind reading labels, we decided to create a website to help those like us find suitable products and places. Yes, before you say it, it is better to make your own from fresh ingredients, but where that’s not possible FreeFromGuru is here to help. We’re not here to tell people what or how to eat, just help them to find what they’re looking for – products and places free from whatever it is they need or choose to avoid due to allergyintolerancesensitivity orpreference.


Find foods you can eat with anallergyintolerance or particular preference. Just enter your dietary requirements to create a shopping list sorted by retailer or location.

Find products for your skin, hair, house, garden or office you can use with an allergy, intolerance or preference for products that are kinder and gentler on you, the earth and its creatures

images (16)

Find restaurants, cafés, hotelsB&Bs or specialist stores you can visit that are allergy orintolerance friendly.





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