ReadAssist – How it Works and Where to Buy ?

The ReadAssist is designed to help people who suffer with dyslexia and people with reading difficulties to become more confident readers.

It has been specifically designed and developed to provide an inconspicuous solution to aid children with reading difficulties and to help focus the reader on each specific line. The unique curved sliding frame can be adjusted to the appropriate line text height.

Each ReadAssist comes with four coloured acetates. The primary colours most commonly used by people with dyslexia, which has effect of eliminating the effects of glare on the page. School books, newspapers, magazines etc are mostly printed black on white which makes reading more difficult for dyslexics and people with reading difficulties. The use of coloured acetates alleviates this effect. Once the chosen acetate is inserted into the ReadAssist the reader can concentrate on each line.

Commenting at the launch of the ReadAssist, Rosie Bissett, Director, Dyslexia Association of Ireland said, “Some people with dyslexia also suffer from visual stress when reading. The use of a reading ruler can help to reduce visual stress; it increases the ability to focus and track a line of text, and the colours can reduce glare. The ReadAssist is a valuable addition to the range of tools available for people with dyslexia

Where to Buy ?


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