ReadAssist Story

Read Ruler Enterprises Ltd (a fully Irish owned company) was formed early in 2009 as the end result of a long journey for owner/manager Sheila Byrne and her desire to assist her daughter in dealing with dyslexia. Whilst she was diagnosed as mildly dyslexic, Sheila realised very early that her daughter spelt words the way she pronounced them and experienced difficulty in focusing on one line at a time in her school story book.

As her daughter progressed through the school system in Ireland, she experienced difficulties common to most dyslexics, namely the ‘black on white’ traditional presentation of school books. This presentation causes huge problems when trying to focus on individual words and written material can result in a big blur — deeply frustrating the reader.

After several years trying different techniques and products to assist her daughter, She developed a prototype reading aid — the ‘ReadAssist’, that removed the frustration associated with homework and reading. The first prototype was made from the side of a cereal box and had many adaptations that increased the durability, presentation and functionality that is present in the current model. Sheila attributes her daughter’s regular use of the ‘ReadAssist’ as an integral tool that has assisted her daughter in enjoying her school life, assisted with concentrating on homework and ultimately completing an Honours Leaving Certificate(A Levels)..




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