We learn about Rosemary from Social Media for Businesses

Hi and Welcome .

I am a  social media manager , and a social media trainer , social media online consultant for local and small businesses  and SME’s in Ireland- living and working in Dublin  and I also work in the UK.

In  the current  economic climate many small local businesses and SME’s in Ireland realise that they need social media marketing to compete properly online , but often have difficulty implementing a properly set up plan .

Learning how to use Social Media properly for any business is a SKILL…. and just like ANY skill…..social media needs to be learnt with time, patience ,practice and testing….THATS THE BAD NEWS…. Just like hairdressing, gardening, or accounting. There is no Quick Fix buttons ..as some would have you believe folks!!——Many preach about the power of social media but omit to mention these realities…Time and Time Again…..Always underplayed in my experience??

THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT YOU NEED TO LEARN TO USE AND IMPLEMENT SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOUR BUSINESS ???……You need HELP to start out properly and keep going properly and consistently!!

  In my experiences over the years ….. many small business  owners and SME’s or local business owners attend social media marketing seminars and get a great explanation or overview of the positive possibilities and power of using social media to drive  business  online … YES- overviews and Principles are great, because if you do not GET IT…There is little point learning IT…….BUT

HOWEVER after the initial buzz of , getting it and learning the theory of why it all matters for business after that great lecture or seminar……How Many Go And Actually Implement  a Good social media Plan Offline ?? At their own PC in reality many are overwhelmed.

MANY BUSINESS PEOPLE SIMPLY DO NOT IMPLEMENT SOCIAL MEDIA PROPERLY IN REALITY…..BECAUSE Unfortunately ….. a multitude of specific PC skills need to be learnt to use social media PROPERLY in reality….YES IT IS DAUNTING STARTING OUT …There is no Magic Button Folks…….Be Realistic….. Think About it. You cannot learn how to drive a car without a car and lots of practice behind the wheel…A Book will not teach you !

Social media because it is so relatively new is an ever evolving , changing and adapting industry that changes a lot. Facebook is only seven years old…..it  changes a lot and you need help in surrounding yourself with experts so that you are always up to date and ready to IMPLEMENT and thus stand out from the crowd ……and be noticed online.

The name of the game using social media is BEING SOCIAL SO THAT your offline and online business elements MERGE-Social media and in particular Facebook- is like an online pub or  golf club- you go there online to get noticed and be seen and trusted and let people know what you and your business are all about and whether you like it or not many of your customers nowadays are online. Your competitors are too !! Social media is a tool to target customers in your industry or area of business.


I have created this site for two reasons  – http://socialmediaforbusinesses.co


  •  My Services ….
  • Managing social media accounts for busy businesses
  • Managing social media accounts for events and key projects
  • Hands On Personal  Training for any Business and key staff,
  • Consultancy, and Local Online Marketing Services…
  • Realistic ,competitive rates.


  •  To help small/ local business learn how and why – to use social media as a Marketing Tool , by giving practical  information in plain English- that I wish existed when I began my learning journey. Beginners very Welcome !!
  •  To Seek out Online— Serious Small/ Local Business People who are willing to SUBSCRIBE TO MY SITE FOR FREE TO LEARN…. and get relevant  information, tips and tricks .


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