Be Prepared, Be Confident, Be Maths Fluent! Connemara Maths Academy


Welcome to CMA’s information site.

CMA gives students in Connemara the opportunity to master the key concepts in mathematics underpinning the various syllabae so that they may excel in the forthcoming academic year 2013/14.

Fluency in Key Concepts

Our Summer Programmes (dates and schedules can be found in the ‘Summer Programmes’ of the menu bar) are specifically designed so that students can master the Key Concepts underpinning their syllabae and prepare them for the forthcoming academic year. Once students have mastered the key concepts, they will be fully prepared, confident and maths fluent going into the academic year paving the way for examination success. This strategy of focusing on the Key Concepts before the academic year begins gives participants a very serious advantage going into the examination year.

This summer 2013 CMA is offering week long programmes designed to equip students with a fundamental understanding in all key concepts and to give all our students the confidence to succeed in their coming academic year. Promoting Fluency in Mathematics is central to our summer programme. Support and examination preparatory programmes will also be available throughout the academic year while CMA will also offer intensive courses during the school breaks such as Mid Terms, Christmas and Easter holidays.

Educational Technology

CMA is committed to fluency in mathematics through the discovery and visualisation of key concepts using a variety of teaching stategies including the latest technology available in the classroom. CMA designs and builds original multimedia resources including iBooks and audiovisual content while embracing established apple mac software tools and iPad applications to ensure classes are dynamic, interactive, highly visual and engaging.See further information in our MultiMedia Resources tab.

Class Size

Class sizes are limited to 10 students while 1-1 tuition is also available outside of the programme schedules. CMA is based in Cashel, Connemara.

Social Media

Check out our Flipboard Online Magazine to be launched June 9th, compatible with iPads and Android mobile devices.

Flipboard: Project Maths

Check us out on twitter: MathsAcademy @project_maths.


Alternatively please use our contact page Contact us

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