Blog Share: Social Media Marketing A Real Example Of The Need For An Online Presence For SME’s

Social Media Marketing  and Blogs – Why Use It For A Bed & Breakfast, SME’s and Small Business.

Life sometimes can be full of coincidences. Last week after a few telephone conversations, I met with a new client in person at a Dublin hotel, as my client wanted me to organize a Blog for her bed-and-breakfast business -nice countryside location- and also wanted me to set up some social media accounts and put a training schedule in place her and one of her daughters.

The interesting part of this story is that what led her to do something about an online presence for her business was the fact that

1. Over the last few months she had quite a number of phone calls by way of enquiry, but she found that many of the callers asked her did she have a Website or a Facebook page and when she replied…. No ….they would hang up. I must confess that whilst not surprised I found that interesting.

2. She also hired me because she told me that she expected 2014 to be in fact a good year in her trade as apparently many couples are superstitious about the year 2013 for a wedding ….because of the 13….and she expects better business next year. I never thought about that !!

By way of coincidence just a few days later on a Sunday morning relaxing over a coffee and reading the Sunday Times I came across the following article- see the image above- which further enhances the point in question and you are welcome to check out the link below too.

Use The Web To Get More Guests From The Sunday Times 

social media management and training DublinSocial Media Management and Training Ireland

We have taken this article from

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