Between You and Me written by our member Margaret Scott


Holly Green is an auditor with a New York firm. While working temporarily in the Dublin office, she falls in love with her colleague Oliver Conlon. Fresh out of a disastrous love affair, she now feels she can rebuild her future. Then she comes up against corrupt businessman Ger Baron and her tough-minded tactics land her in hot water at work. It looks like she must return to New York, leaving Oliver and a lot of unresolved issues behind. But, suddenly thinking outside the box, she makes a decision that puts her in a very strange situation indeed . . . A few days later Holly is live-in nanny to two small children a withdrawn five-year-old and a demon two-year-old and is wishing she really did have the experience she claimed she had on her CV. Then she makes two discoveries: Supernanny – and the fact that applying her own business training may be just the thing to whip the household into shape . . . Whipping Oliver Conlon into shape is another item on her agenda . . .

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