New Member -Blanaid Johnson MD of Cloud 10 Beauty

Cloud 10 Beauty was launched in October 2012 and is Ireland’s first and only social online beauty store.

We strive to make shopping online a more social experience. When shopping in-store you rarely shop alone so we created a website where shoppers can freely interact with each other and with us to get the help and assistance they need. We offer a live chat feature where customers can chat with us. Customers can also interact with each other through product reviews, their profile pages, the Chat forum, the Blog and in Watch, which is our beauty channel where customers can watch the latest reviews and tutorials.

In store you can try products before you buy but service is rarely offered online. Cloud 10 Beauty offers free testers of products like foundation so you can try the colour in the comfort of your own home before you buy.

With our great Beauty Points scheme you can earn points not just by buying fabulous beauty products but also by reviewing products, signing up to receive our newsletter and by inviting your friends to join. Or even just by simply sharing the products you love with your friends on Facebook.

From the moment you arrive on Cloud 10, until your products are delivered to your door with your chosen free samples, we aim to create a simple and fun online shopping experience for beauty that cannot be found elsewhere.

Blanaid Johnson



Cloud 10 Beauty

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