The Loc People – latest Mums Little Helper

Operating from our Dublin offices, The Loc People is a young and dynamic Irish company founded in 2012, having previously traded for eight years as Jongman Translations. Following exceptional results for a large number of satisfied clients, there was a need to expand our business and offer even more language-related services.

The New Way to Success

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced native-speaker linguists on-site, working with both major and minor languages and using the most advanced technology available to supply an unmatched level of service.


Our mission is to provide a wide range of language services that will allow small businesses to reach new markets and give them a competitive edge by ensuring they communicate fluently on a global scale. Our vision is to provide no-nonsense, accurate and effective communication with the end-user which doesn’t compromise on the tone and vocabulary preferred by the client.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication, as we closely monitor every step of the production process, manage projects efficiently and communicate effectively with our customers on a daily basis.

What we do

Is your business exporting or expanding abroad?

We can make your web presence, promotional materials and product manuals multilingual. We localize them with the same care you took when creating them, making sure they are just as effective in the target languages.

We work only with highly qualified and experienced linguists, localization engineers and project managers.

And we do all this at incredibly competitive rates. Contact us today for a FREE quotation to find out just how competitive.

Loc People


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