We learn about Video Tree


We are a video marketing service that help businesses increase their business through effective video marketing strategies.

We provide a 3 step video marketing service.

Step 1

We firstly aim to understand your business so that your goals and objectives for your online marketing strategy are clearly identified. There a number of ways that you can tell your story to your audience and we will help you come up with the best decision so that your return on investment is maximised.
The script and planning for the video shoot is an essential process that needs to be accurately planned before shooting day.

Step 2

It’s video production time. Our videographer works onsite to shoot your video. We aim to execute video production at minimum disturbance to your business so the timing is key as well as the efficiency of the process. This requires commitment from all parties involved. When the video is edited, you will get a chance to make changes if you so wish.

Step 3

This is the best part! We will advise you on the best methods of integration of the the product into your business. Based on your identified goals and objectives, we will strive to ensure that only a strategy that makes the best connection to your audience is implemented. It’s about maximising the return on your investment and there are many digital strategies that can use your video as the primary promotional tool to increase brand awareness and conversion.

If you are thinking about what video can do to drive sales for your business then do contact us and we will work with you every step of the way!




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