How small business owners can improve their web presence

Joe Connolly is The Wall Street Journal Business Correspondent for NewsRadio 88 in New York. Each weekday, he broadcasts reports on small business trends and entrepreneurial success stories. I’ve been listening to Joe for years, and was grateful when he accepted my invitation for an interview.

When I asked Connolly for tips on how small business owners can improve their web presence, he shared this advice:

Update your ‘About Us’ page

“Everyone is so concerned about their home page and how it looks, they may not have looked at their ‘About Us’ page for months,” maintains Connolly. “It’s the second place that people go; that’s where the deal is made. That’s where they decide to call or contact you.”

Connolly says three components are important. Your ‘About Us’ page should:

1. Resemble an elevator speech at the top, followed by any additional information

2. Talk about the purpose of the business and how the business is different from competitors

3. Mention in a very personal and direct way why you founded this business

In addition, Connolly suggests that while industries vary, your Home Page should have white space and not be overcrowded. “I think not too slick is good, something that looks homegrown but intelligent and somewhat sophisticated. It’s fine if the business owner didn’t design the page, but it should reflect that the owner had a very strong say in what it was going to look like.”

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