Children Book Tips from Lucy Grimes


Drawing, doodling and colouring

Travel pocket doodling and colouring

  • A handy pocket-sized book jam-packed with doodling, drawing and colouring activities perfect for journeys.
  • A ‘must-have’ for keeping children (and adults!) amused on any journey, whether in the car, or on a plane, train or boat.
  • With pictures to colour, patterns to design and doodles to finish, there’s plenty to keep little ones occupied!

Will keep little travellers entertained for hours.


Pocket Puzzle Books

Pocket puzzle book

  • With mazes and logic problems to solve, wordsearches, codes to crack, number puzzles and much more, this book is the ultimate boredom-buster, ready to use at any time!
  • With a bendable spine for easy-opening and easy-to-write-in pages.
  • Contains answers to all of the puzzles at the back of the book.

About Lucy

I’m a mum of three and love books. I hope to pass that on to my children. I found that they loved Usborne books, so when I got the opportunity to sell the Usborne range of books, I jumped at it! Now I’m building The Book Shed business around my family life – and enjoying every minute!

I try to provide a personal service, so please ask if you would like recommendations for a particular age group or area of interest. Reluctant readers a specialty – there’s a book for everyone!

I organise book parties where the host gets free books. I also set up The Book Shed stall at markets, play centres and toddler groups. I organise book fairs and sponsored reads in primary and pre schools, which is a great way to get free books for your school.

Please give me a call or email if you’d like to order books, organise an event or join my team.



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