Mummycooks – we found out a bit more about them


Ireland’s first cookery school devoted to offering expert advice to help parents through the weaning stages

Here at mummycooks we will demonstrate and cook delicious food for your baby, tailored to weaning stage, and provide a safe play area for baby to come too.

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

  • mummycooks holds regular classes to suit all stages of the weaning process. Our most popular class the six week Ready Steady Go stage 1 & 2 weaning course is an invaluable guide as you wean your baby onto solids. We also run a Baby-led weaning and finger food class and a half day intensive baby weaning class. …

    Classes and Event calendar

  • SUMMER: mummycooks will be finishing classes in June and back in September. If you want to take part in a class before the summer break we have a few spaces at our Miele Gallery hands-on class in Citywest. BOOK NOW …

    Cookery Schools


    About mummycooks

    Motherhood is the most amazing journey we will ever experience but with it comes many new challenges.  Forming good nutrition and eating habits in your child from an early age is one of the greatest life skills you can equip them with.

    At mummycooks this is what we aim to do with specially tailored classes to meet the child’s nutritional and development stages.   Catriona Fahey, a Consultant Pediatric Occupational Therapist with seven years experience dealing with children who have eating difficulties, will aid and advise in all mummycooks courses.

    Feeding for small children can sometimes be difficult, frustrating and anxiety-inducing and at mummycooks we aim to give Mums the confidence, skills and know-how needed to raise healthy and adventurous eaters, who, in turn will have a life long appreciation for good food.

    Baby’s area

    weaning classes

    mummycooks holds regular classes to suit all stages of the weaning process. Aimed at de-mystifying the weaning and feeding process, mummycooks will show you how to produce meals full of flavour that your little one(s) will love. You will also meet other mums and can share your best tips and learn from theirs in a fun and informal way.

    The classes follow each stage of weaning, taking you from the first spoonful to family foods. We run a number of classes to suit individual needs.

    Ready steady go: Stage 1 & 2 weaning (including food)

    Suitable from 4months+
    Duration: runs for 6 weeks, 1 ½ hr | Cost: €150 ( 6 classes)
    An invaluable guide as you wean your baby onto solids

    • Discuss weaning your baby, how to tell when your baby is ready, what and how to introduce new foods
    • Advice on choosing the ingredients, recipes, finger food, preparation tips, storage, health and nutrition
    • Advice on how to avoid your baby becoming a fussy eater
    • Full cookery class: Each week we will cook a minimum of 3 dishes and you get to take home at least 6 x 5oz portions for your baby.


    Please click here to go to events calender




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