Business Life Cycle

Picture this.  You’re traveling down the road at 90 mph.  Music is blaring. Kids are hanging out the window. And, the scenery?  Frankly, it’s all a blur.

There are some potholes in the road, the engine’s knocking, and you notice that Bobbie is missing – all clear indicators that this trip is headed for trouble.  You’re moving so quickly there’s little time to make sure you’re headed in the right direction…let alone determine where you’re at along the continuum of business growth.

Each business travels through four stages of growth and development on its way to maturity.  Common characteristics, growing pains and a primary focus define each one of those stages.

Do you know what stage defines your business?  It’s not uncommon to misidentify the stage.  Don’t make the same mistake as some entrepreneurs who base their business stage on years in the industry rather than revenue.

Is your daily business activity consistent with the primary focus of your stage of growth?  In this fast-moving information age, it’s easy to get distracted by other activities outside the primary focus.

Rev up your business growth by identifying your business’ stage of growth and aligning your daily activity with the correct focus.  It’s a trip worth taking!

Download The Stages of Business Growth & Development today.

About Jackie

As a trusted advisor, I’ve been transforming small businesses for seventeen years. My extensive background and training in sales, business, coaching, and entrepreneurship enable me to provide strategic business strategies that target my clients’ personal and business needs.

But my experience goes deeper. I have over three decades of experience helping grow individuals and companies in the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. In addition to graduating from Coach U and Corporate Coach U International, I am also certified in Management Development for Entrepreneurs (MDE) from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business.

The bottom line? My clients appreciate my keen sense of what it takes to succeed in an ever-evolving and increasingly challenging business environment. As an early adopter and visionary, I help my clients see the big picture and scan the horizon for the amazing opportunities ahead.

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