Easybelt & Mompreneursireland combine to donate two Easybelts to Charity

With a Big thanks to the lovely guys at http://www.easybelts.co.uk we are donating two Easybelts to Sensationalkids.

Sensational Kids is a registered charity set up by parents to provide accessible, affordable and high quality clinical services for children of all abilities including children with special needs. We fundraise to subsidise the cost of occupational therapy and speech & language therapy services so the cost of these services are much lower that what you could expect to pay privately for equivalent services. Sensational Kids is a not for profit organisation and services are open to all children, of all ages, and of all abilities, including children with special needs.

Sensational Kids - Sensational Kids

EasyBelts: belts for Children, Boys’ Belts, Girls’ Belts, School uniform Belts, Young people belts. Easybelts is also available in adult sizing.
With EasyBelts there is a belt for everyone. EasyBelts was first started in Cornwall in 1998 when my children were younger. Due to the problems I had finding a belt that my son or daughter could manage so I designed my own belt, and many years on I am still making the EasyBelts. EasyBelts has been designed to enable Children, Young people and Adults of all ages to independently manage their own belt.

Children’s Belt – Easybelts

EasyBelts for children is perfect for their first belt; starting at Potty training and continuing to Toddlers belts, School belts, Boys’ belts and  Girls’ belts. Made to measure belts. With EasyBelts there is a belt for all occasions. The Easy Belt for little hands.

Young people and Adults –Easybelts

EasyBelts for young people and adults enables those who struggle with the common belt buckle mechanism. Many disabilities mean that the simple task of wearing a belt can become a problem. EasyBelts can make the task a lot easier and allow the user to remain independent in the clothing they want to wear without restriction.

Made to measure Easybelts

EasyBelts are happy to make made to measure belts, from Children’s belts to Adults belts. Please contact us with any questions at info@easybelts.co.uk


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