In Having it all: The Adventures of a Modern Woman

Born in Dublin in the seventies educated by the nuns and reared for a time by her grandparents, Fannie Day regards herself as a typical modern woman, struggling determinedly with the demanding roles of wife and mother while endeavouring to fulfil her own career ambitions.

In Having it all: The Adventures of a Modern Woman she reflects on a life that has seen her balance the challenges of a busy career with single parenthood, marriage, divorce and re-marriage.  She also recounts how she faced her deepest fears during the difficulties of conception, pregnancy and the eventual birth of two girls whom she clearly loves dearly.

Determined never to be reliant on a partner for her livelihood,Fannie Day has worked in a wide range of jobs, from insurance to cosmetics and the airline industry.  Her sense of stubborn independence led her to take a job as a receptionist in a brothel in Nevada, an episode that challenged her views of the role of women and men in the sex industry, as well as in this highly-charged modern world.

It’s all in Having It All? Adventures of a Modern Woman

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