EduBills – what a great idea

EduBills is a secure online payment and ordering system for school books and other school expenses.  As well as making life easier for parents, EduBills cuts costs and administration time for schools and suppliers. Uniforms, tracksuits etc. can also be ordered through the system.

EduBills was founded in 2010 by Managing Director Sandra Maguire, who came up with the idea while working in a primary school.  A lot of time regularly needed to be spent on dealing with payments from parents.  At the same time, parents had the bother of sending multiple payments to the school throughout the year.  With a background in financial services and computers, Sandra was convinced there had to be a better way.

Emma Butler has been working in education since graduating from UCD in 2008.

The EduBills platform is the product of extensive research with schools, parents and suppliers, conducted in collaboration with Dublin City University.

Read what the Irish Times wrote about EduBills:

EduBills is proud to have been shortlisted for the 2012 David Manley Emerging Entrepreneur Award:

For Parents

With EduBills, you can order school books and pay for school expenses through one easy online system. Making a payment is straightforward and completely secure.

What some satisfied parents had to say about EduBills –

Thank you, a great way to save time by being able to order online.

Fantastic saver of time especially for people who are working or with very small children.

It’s a great service and another job done!

Great site, makes buying the school books very easy.

It’s a great service and overall saves so much hassle and time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the school ID* to view charges and booklist
  • Select items you wish to pay for
  • Pay securely

* Participating schools only

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