Striderbikes – now in Ireland, check out this You Tube Video

You can buy online at This is our product feature.

This unique toddler bike has no pedals. With an amazingly low saddle, your toddler simply sits astride the bike , holds the handlebars and rests their feet on the ground. To go forward your toddler pushes with their feet and to stop, they simply put their feet down.

As confidence builds, your toddler will start to stride and then run with the bike, eventually ‘gliding’ with their feet up on the integrated footrests.

The Strider PREbike™ is designed for toddlers as young as 18 months (as long as they can walk, they can ride a Strider!) up to 5 years. Both the saddle and handlebars are adjustable so the Strider™ grows with your child.

The Strider PREbike™ comes with super-light, puncture-free EVA polymer tyres. There’s NO flats, NO pumping air – just get on and go! Weighing just 6.9lbs, the bike is so light that even your toddler can carry it!

In summary the Strider PREbike™ is a great investment because it is functional, educational , safe and great fun!

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