We learn about Coldlilies

As seen today in the Business Post, we decided to find our more about this curiously named Coldlilies -He Remembers Forgotten Beauty’

Coldlilies.com is a curation of independent designer jewellery for the new style generation.

University friends, Ciara McKenna and Kim Knowles, founded Coldlilies after leaving their careers in law and finance to pursue a passion for jewellery and creative design. The inspiration for Coldlilies came from their international travels, where they browsed marketplaces, collecting an array of beautiful yet unique jewellery. When they returned home to Dublin they decided they wanted to create an online boutique that would give the new style generation access to a range of quality and unique, hand-finished and design-led, jewellery pieces – the antithesis to disposable fashion.

Since going live, Coldlilies has acquired a huge following among fashion influencers and has received phenomenal press attention in Ireland, with regular features in major National news and media outlets. In December 2012 Ciara and Kim were named in The Irish Times “Names to Watch in 2013”: “This fashion-loving duo gave up their jobs to set up Coldlilies. Their site has got oodles of good press this year, and they have been selling out of their carefully curated pieces – so it’s fairly certain that 2013 will bring more good things. (Including an amazingly well styled lookbook …)” Rosemary MacCabe, The Irish Times.

The name Coldlilies derives from the W.B Yeats poem ‘He Remembers Forgotten Beauty’

The dew-cold lilies ladies bore

and symbolises Coldlilies’ focus on ‘edgy’ and unusual beauty in its collections.


Kim Knowles & Ciara McKenna


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