We love EasyBelts – Supporting an Irish Charity #fab

Without being asked, Easybelts have donated 6 Easybelts to the charity that we support here at Mompreneursireland – Sensationalkids.

We are absolutely delighted with this kind of support and we would love if all our members and followers gave Easybelts a follow or a thank you tweet.

Children’s Belts – EasyBelts a velcro closing easy belt for all agesChildrens easy belt

EasyBelts for Children, Boys’ Belts, Girls’ Belts, School uniform Belts, Made to measure belts. With EasyBelts there is a belt for everyone.

EasyBelts, the belt for little hands, this belt has been designed to enable children of all ages to manage their own belt. To be able to say “I did it myself”. As our children grow they need their independence and with the EasyBelts as their first belt the task of dressing themselves is now a little bit more manageable and a lot more enjoyable. I soon realised my belts would be of benefit to all children that did not conform to regular sizes, even with trousers that have an adjustable waist, anyone that has tried them will know all that happens is the waist gathers which can be uncomfortable for the child and they still don’t always fit.

With my belts, children now have the freedom to manage their own belt and for a parent it’s one less problem. As all parents know children are individuals and do not conform to a standard size, with that in mind the EasyBelts is adjustable in size and comes in a range of colours and sizes and is adjustable to fit for comfort and growth. Easybelts covers all ages for boys’ belts and girls’ belts. With Easybelts, children now have the freedom to manage their own belt and for a parent it’s one less problem.

EasyBelts for Young People and AdultsVarious Belts

Young people and adults with a disability also have the same problem managing the common belt mechanism, however disability clothing has nothing that covers these problems. By using velcro to secure the belt the problem becomes more manageable and enables independence. EasyBelts is ideal for those that have difficulty in managing the common belt buckle due Arthritis, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Stroke-related disabilities, Multiple Sclerosis, Visual impairments, Physical disabilities, cognitive impairment, Limited hand coordination, learning disabilities and many other disabilities.

Also an ideal belt for people that suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) as the belt is adjustable in size and the material used in the EasyBelts is elasticated to give comfort and flexibility.

The EasyBelts has a velcro strip which replaces the buckle-pin mechanism which many people find dificult to use. The velcro strip slips through the D shape buckle and is folded back upon itself, thereby securing the belt and ensuring that the belt stays securely fastened.




About the Charity we Support

Sensational Kids is a registered charity set up by parents to provide accessible, affordable and high quality clinical services for children of all abilities including children with special needs. We fundraise to subsidise the cost of occupational therapy and speech & language therapy services so the cost of these services are much lower that what you could expect to pay privately for equivalent services. Sensational Kids is a not for profit organisation and services are open to all children, of all ages, and of all abilities, including children with special needs.


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