Baby Body Fit DVD

Baby Body Fit have just produced a Pre and Post Natal Exercise DVD, the very first of it’s kind to be made in Ireland!

Pre and post natal exercise DVD

This DVD is made up of a 40 minute prenatal workout, followed by a 40 minute postnatal workout. Both exercise sessions on the DVD are safe and effective, and have been used in all Baby Body Fit classes for almost 2 years.

The prenatal section of the DVD takes women through a pregnancy specific workout, in which they can stick to a level that suits them. We use exercises to strengthen and tone muscles, as well a light, low intensity, safe level of cardio. This is very different to prenatal yoga or pilates, in that it is an actual exercise session, designed just for pregnant women.

The postnatal section of the DVD is a calorie burning workout, focusing on weight loss, muscle, strength and core building and fat burning. Again, there are different levels of intensity for women to choose from, so they can do the workout at their own pace.

Throughout both workouts, we use dynabands (exercise resistance bands) or dumbbells. If you don’t have either dynabands or dumbbells, you can use a couple of tins or beans. We also have dynabands available to purchase with the DVD.


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