What is Why Weight Ireland? another in our series of Mums Gems

We spoke with Hannah today and asked her to share her story and business with us. Mother of two Hannah Nolan says her business Why Weight Ireland has achieved “huge success” since she started it.

Have a read of this success story.

Hannah`s StoryOnline and social media focus for Why Weight Ireland

My name is Hannah Nolan and I am the founder & owner of Why Weight Ireland

What is Why Weight Ireland?

Why Weight Ireland is a weight loss and fitness business like no other.  Why Weight Ireland is based upon combining healthy eating and exercising by eating normal every day food and introducing exercising to your daily routine. All members get access to Ireland’s ONLY online food and exercise diary, receive personal, tailored fitness plans and have access to personal and confidential support 7 days a week. The good thing about the Why Weight Ireland plan is that it WORKS. There is no set food plan to follow, no one telling you that you can’t eat certain foods and no one preaching that your way is the wrong way.  Why Weight Ireland isn’t a ‘standard’ weight loss business.  Our members range from those wanting to lose weight, those trying to maintain their weight and those who are in sports training and wanting to make sure that their food intake is in line with their training.  The online food and exercise diary makes you responsible for your own actions – each members is given a personal calorie, fat and exercise allowance and it is up to each person to make the necessary choices and your personal food diary helps and guides you into making the correct choices. If you go over your allowances, so what, it’s not the end of the world! With the food diary you can see what foods are causing your allowances to get used up and with all the tools available within the diary it gives you the opportunity to make chances to your diet and keep your allowances in tack.

While setting up your online diary profile you are able to select the amount of weight you would like to lose per week, ranging from 0.5lbs to 2lbs per week. Each person’s allowances are personal to him or her as they are based upon their specific details.  This is NOT a starvation diet and our members will say that they are eating more now than they had previously been eating on other weight loss plans or diets and they are continuing to lose weight. I also have an optimised mobile site optimised for smartphones so you can access your diary on the go, easily and quickly.

With the Why Weight Ireland plan, if you stick to it YOU WILL LOSE WIEGHT.

In January of this year, I opened the first Why Weight Studio in Tinahely, Wicklow.  The local studio offers members the opportunity to have free private weigh-ins, consultations, personal training and discounted fitness classes. Some members need more of a personal touch and by offering them the chance to sit with me to discuss how they are getting on while also tracking the weight and measurements, all for free, it gives them an even greater chance of a successful weight loss journey. The studio offers a fantastic range of fitness classes that members and non-members can take part in to enhance their weight loss and fitness. Not everyone likes to go running or play a sport or even likes going to the gym so having somewhere to go and complete a class gives them the exercise that they need while also doing something that they can enjoy.

How did it all start?

Why Weight Ireland started by accident really! Two and a half years ago I reached my goal weight after losing over seven and a half stone.  It took me just over 2 years to hit my goal weight and while having 2 very young children and living in the country side I found that certain things were against me.  I was working full time in Dublin so I was up very early and not back till very late so getting to any scheduled weight loss meetings was almost impossible.  With working and not getting out I also found it hard to find the support needed to get me through the tough times.  A friend of mine had advised me to start using a food diary to keep track of my food, so I did this and it really helped me see what I was eating and what effect it was having on my recommended calorie allowance.  As my weight started to reduce I would try getting out for small walks on my lunch break or any time I could.  I would start getting up even earlier and going out before I left for work or I would go out late at night when I was home and the kids were asleep.

When I hit my goal weight I was so excited but also very nervous as I didn’t know what to do next! I had put so much time into losing weight that I felt like I had lost something. Someone had asked me how I lost my weight so I explained what I did and when I got home that day I decided to write down what I really wanted that I didn’t have that would have made my weight loss journey faster, easier and certainly more enjoyable.  This is where the idea for the business came from and Why Weight Ireland was born. I wanted people to be able to keep track of their food, have access to low calorie recipes if they got stuck, I wanted there to be a support network for all to use no matter what time it was or where you were, there would always be someone to talk to. I wanted people to be able to really introduce exercise into the daily routines. I wanted people to be able to lose weight without them feeling like it was a chore or something that felt too hard and it also had to be something that they could maintain and manage while at the same time letting them be in charge and making the decisions. I love food too much so anyone telling me that I couldn’t eat certain foods just wouldn’t work for me.

Since launching last year (2012) the food diary has progressed even further and has recently added a new food trigger area which helps people deal and keep track of food triggers based on different emotions and circumstances and reports on how to deal with them. The food diary (or food journal) has also integrated Ireland’s only online weight loss club. As part of the online weight tracker we now have a private weight tracker where you can keep your weight loss to yourself and see your progress charts or you can update your weight using the online weigh-in club where, just like a weight loss meeting, you would weigh-in and your weight loss would be visible to other members where you can get further support or encouragement from other members.

What makes Why Weight Ireland different to all the other weight loss companies in Ireland? Why should people pick you over the well-known names?

There is no business in Ireland that is like Why Weight Ireland or offers the same benefits or even charges as low prices as we do. We are the only Irish weight loss and fitness business that incorporates a fully comprehensive food and exercise diary, we have the only Irish online weigh-in club as well as offering members personal fitness plans that are regularly altered at no extra cost and offer full email support 7 days a week. Why Weight Ireland is all about helping others lose weight and letting people have the opportunity to feel the way I did on the morning I hit my goal weight. I will always try and keep the memberships at its lowest possible rate and I will always try and offer the best services to my members. I try to make the business as personal as possible while also keeping peoples wishes private and confidential. There are NO robotic responses – All correspondence is done personally by myself, including all the tailored fitness plans.
I don’t judge members on what they have done previously and I certainly don’t see them any differently – I help everyone who gets in contact with me no matter what their circumstances are. I don’t force, preach or tell people that they must eat or drink certain foods or my way is the only way! That is not what we are about. You are in charge of your own personal diary – if you have any queries regarding food or exercise, members can drop me an email and I will always try and respond as soon as possible. At Why Weight Ireland we offer people all the necessary tools to lose weight and get fit and it is up to each member to use these tools.

In my opinion the Why Weight plan is the best weight loss plan in Ireland and offers people the best chance to lose weight safely, be able to keep the weight off and I’m sure if you ask our successful members they will say the same. With over 500 members using our plan in year one Why Weight Ireland will soon become ‘the well-known’ names.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to lose weight and thinking of starting a weight loss program?

If you want to lose weight then go for it. You will find dozens of reasons or excuses why this might be the wrong time to begin any weight loss program but that’s all they are, EXCUSES. You need to look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself that YOU ARE GOING TO DO THIS and YOU WILL DO THIS NO MATTER WHAT.  During your weight loss journey you WILL fall off the wagon, you WILL have doubts, your weight WILL halt to a stop and your WILL think if you will ever hit your weight. The main thing to remember is that losing weight and hitting your goal weight does NOT happen over night. Its takes weeks, months, even years (depending on your start weight). The other thing is to remember to KEEP GOING no matter what happen. You may even find that the more weight you lose the more your friends or family question your reasons for losing weight or friends might pressure you in to eating but over time you will learn how to deal with these situations and they will only make you a stronger person.

My advice for someone wanting to lose weight – GO FOR IT

My advice for someone thinking of starting a weight loss program – GO FOR IT – Find a program that suits your needs and stick to it.

What advice would you give to all those people who have spend a fortune on all the latest gizmos and fat diets and are getting nowhere fast?

I have spent a fortune on fancy gizmos and fad diets. I’ve tried all the magic soups, pills and drop a dress size in a day and even the 28-day shreds. IF you manage to stick to any diet, you will lose weight but with a lot of these so-called diets, they are not sustainable and what happens at the end of your period? What have you learnt? You may have lost a few pounds but more than likely all that weight will be back on as quick as it went off.  A lot of fad diets hook you in to a false sense of success. Once you try the first week or two you will notice your weight loss is great so you continue to do it but in the first week or two it is mainly just water retention that is coming off and not fat. Also a lot of fad diets advise you to eat well below what is recommended and again you will lose weight, first water retention but if you manage to continue you will more than likely be losing muscle rather than fat which is not what you want to achieve.
Save your money, stop trying fad diets as there is no magic pill. You have to lose the weight yourself through healthy eating and exercise.

Where do you see yourself and Why Weight Ireland in 5 years time?

I have only been running in the past two years and after finishing a few marathons with the most recent finishing time of 3:19, in the next five years I would like to try and hit a sub 3-hour marathon time. I also won the county novice & intermediate cross-country championships last year so I’d like to try and win the senior title. It’s good to have a goal to aim for and I think that is an achievable goal if I keep training right. Who would have thought a few years ago at over 16 stone that I’d be winning races!!

With regards to Why Weight Ireland, in 5 year I would like to have a Why Weight Studio in every county in Ireland so everyone can get access to all the member benefits that Why Weight Ireland has to offer. I would also like to see Why Weight Ireland become Ireland’s leading weight loss program. While Why Weight Ireland is currently in its infancy it is already becoming well known for its fantastic results and ease of use and all this through word of mouth so I am positive that within 5 years every household will know about Why Weight Ireland.

I am confident that the Why Weight Ireland Weight Loss & Fitness plan works and to give you the chance to see it for yourself, you can ‘Try Before You Buy’ and take advantage of our 2-Day Free Diary Trial. You don’t need any pre-payment or credit card to try it out. Once signing up to full membership you will get access to the full membership benefits.

Do you want to lose weight? Are you looking to get fit? Are you wanting something to keep track of what you are eating, then look no further. Visit Why Weight Ireland www.whyweightireland.ie and see for yourself. If you have any queries please feel free to contact me at Hannah@whyweightireland.ie

2 thoughts on “What is Why Weight Ireland? another in our series of Mums Gems

  1. Brilliant article, as member, I can truely say that Hannah and Why Weight Ireland is a fantastic support for anyone who is looking for a long term sustainable weight loss solution.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful article. I have heard fantastic things of Why Weight Ireland and Hannah. I’ve just read her story on her website and some of her blog posts too. Wow very impressive.She really is something else and a true inspiration. Can’t believe she has had two kids as well! Well done Mompreneurs Ireland for a great piece.

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