The Internship

Vaughn and Wilson play two salesmen who have just been fired by their boss (John Goodman), and their severance package includes informing them just how out-of-touch they are with modern life. While Googling new job vacancies, they happen across an internship within Google itself, and having haphazardly done rather well in the interview, soon find themselves on Google’s HQ campus, competing against 100 other interns for the few full-time positions that are available.

The Internship is basically a Nerds VS Jocks college comedy, except it’s not set on a college campus, and EVERYONE is a nerd. So Vaughn and Wilson find themselves teamed up with a nerd version of a gruff loner, a nerd version of a promiscuous nympho, and a nerd version of … a nerd, and they must combine their nerdy Breakfast Club powers in order to defeat the nerd version of a quarterback bully.


The Internship

We give this film the thumbs up, go and see if you have a spare 2 hours but not a must see!

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