The Radical Food Company – we learnt more about it

Here at The Radical Food Company we specialise  in Rich in fibre and low GI, we love this understated grain and we love it even more blended with low-fat probiotic yogurt and real fruit. We like to think that we have cooked up some radical flavours that you usually wouldn’t find in other oat products.

We launched in 2012 and are based in Dublin but we are available nationwide. Our goal is to get us all eating that little bit healthier and we’ve lots of flavours to choose from, all as  good and healthy as the next, you can fit them in anytime you like….so get tasting.

Miriam’s Story

Radical Oats founder Miriam didn’t like porridge, but knew the benefits of oats. That never bothered her ‘til a husband and four children began to eat her out of house and home!
So she developed a recipe using good old Irish oats and other natural Irish ingredients that would keep hunger at bay for a very long time.

Long enough for the gang to do their studying, rowing, running, cycling, ballet, tin whistle, drama, sailing, hiking, swimming, hockey, kayaking, gymnastics, walk the dog and bicker without keeling over! It became known as ‘Radical’ in Miriam’s house because it turned porridge on its head and well, it made oats cool.

The Radical Range

Enjoy it just as it is or treat it like a blank canvas to which you can add any nut, seed or fruit you can think of – fresh or cooked. All you need is a bit of inspiration and a pinch of imagination!

Or if its just a tad too early to slip on the ol’ apron and chefs hat, why not demolish one of our delicious ready – made fruity varieties where we’ve already swirled dollops of our favourite fruits into Original Radical.

We would love to hear from you. Let us know what you’re thinking or if you have any suggestions for us.

Be a Radical Supplier

If you would like to stock Radical Oats (we’d love you to!) please drop us an email.

Want to have a chat

Email us at

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