Aquababies – award winning 2013 start up

Phil & Dee are a husband and wife team, through the joyful & rewarding experience of teaching their own children Aisling & Ryan to swim from a very early age; they wanted to be able to pass this wonderful experience of baby and pre-school swimming onto other parents.

Aqua babies family picture in swimming pool


They have recently been in the news for the following fantastic reasons, and the Acquababies is also a member of

AquaKiddies/babies winning Awards in 2013!

Phil wins whats on for junior awards

AquaKiddies/babies winning Awards!

Phil wins for Most Outstanding Activity Leader For Children. He is absolutely over the moon-Way to go Aquababies!!! A huge thank you to everyone who voted for Phil in the What’s On 4 Junior Awards – with Konfidence! .AquaKiddies/babies also were also finalist in Best National Baby & Pre-Schooler Development Activity (0 to 5 years) sponsored by Konfidence

We’re delighted announce that AquaKiddies/babies won bronze at the‪ ‎2013 startup Awards‬ at the RHA Dublin for Franchisee Start Up of the Year. Here we are with pictured below with Irish entrepreneur and businessman, Chairman of Insomnia Coffee Company and RTE Dragon  Mr.Bobby Kerr, what a great night!

Aquababies with Bobby Kerr Irish entrepreneur and businessman

startupawards 2013

We were also finalist this year again in Families First Awards 2013 for Best Activity Provider for babies/ tots category. What a fantastic year so far. A huge thank you goes out to all wonderful Aquababies customers and friends and a sincere thanks to everyone who voted for us and who encouraged and supported us.

Phil & Dee & Aquababies team

The home of the Aquababies baby and toddler swimming programme, swim classes for parents & babies. We teach you to teach your child to swim. As one of the original specialist baby and toddler swimming companies, our programme is often imitated but seldom equaled. We have been successfully teaching tens of thousands of young children and babies to swim for over 20 years and look forward to welcoming you to our programme.

The Benefits of baby & toddler swimming

The most obvious benefit of teaching your child to swim is its potential life-savingswimming skills. There are numerous additional benefits of infant swimming, perhaps the most important of these are;

  • Enhances general health & awareness
  • Enhances eating and sleeping patterns
  • Encourages physical, social & psychological development
  • Strengthens cardio-respiratory functions
  • Develops strength, stamina & agility
  • It’s Fun & Social!

Swimming is the only sport that we can do from the moment we are born until we are old and grey and babies can achieve much more in the water than they can do on dry land and children love the feeling of being in the water. Today’s busy schedules often mean opportunities for quality time with our children are not as frequent as we might like. The close, continuous contact enjoyed in our classes guarantees a special bonding time between you and your child.

About Aqua Babies Ireland

Aqua babies family picture in swimming pool

Phil & Dee

Phil & Dee are a husband and wife team, we are fully qualified swimming teachers, with qualifications from the STA (Swimming teachers association) in baby and pre-school and Swim Ireland with additional speciailist training with Julie-Ann James the founder of Aquakiddies/babies. In addition to this we also hold a NARS Pool Safety award.


We are delighted to be able to bring Aquababies classes to Ireland and teach the foundations of  baby swimming to babies and young toddlers and to teach parents the correct method to teach their child how to swim.



Our Aqua Babies Swim Programme

Background to the Aquakiddies/Babies program

The Aquababies method of teaching was pioneered in Australia during the 1960′s. Programme deviser,Julie-Ann James, was one of the first children that this method was taught to and the first to introduce this technique to the UK. Now one of the UK leading baby swimming experts, Julie-Ann has taught tens of thousands of young children to swim. The Aquakiddies/Babies program is the result of her extensive hands on experience and global research during her 25 year career. Now Aquababies is here in Ireland.


The foundations of the programme are based on the reflexes and responses of babies and young children.We aim to provide positive associations with swimming and the lessons are informative, friendly and lots of fun. Stringent health and safety procedures are rigorously followed and all of our teachers are fully qualified, holding STA and Swim Ireland certification in addition to our extensive in-house specialist training programme.

Our aim is to teach parents/carers the correct method to teach their child to swim.

We use gentle submersions if adult and baby are willing. We never ask you to do anything you do not want to. We use submersions as part of the technique to teach breath control, which is a fundamental part of swimming. We teach basic water safety and confidence techniques and use nursery songs in the toddler classes to engage the children and provide positive associations with swimming. However, we are more than simply a splash and fun class – we aim to lay the foundations of future swimming.


The classes are structured with a different progressive aim each lesson.

Baby Swimming

new born-12/13mths

  • Babies Stage 1
  • Babies Stage 2
  • Advanced Babies

Toddler Swimming

ages 1 to 3 years

  • Toddlers
  • Advanced Toddlers
  • Aquakiddies

Each stage is five weeks long and each class lasts for 30 minutes. Stages may be repeated as progression is matched to the individual needs of each child. Each term costs between €85- €95, depending on how many siblings or if a group booking of 4 or more, charged as one complete term. Payment can be made by laser or credit card and usually made one week prior to the course commencing and no lessons can be paid for individually on the day.

We aim to be as flexible as possible, so we only ask you to commit to one stage at a time. Each five weeks a new block of courses starts at every level. You can return at the next stage of your course whenever and at any venue you choose.

The core foundation of our class structure is to teach key elements of learning to swim that relate to children’s stage of physical and social development, whilst having fun.

 Parent and Baby Aqua


We are pleased to announce the launch of PABA, the brand new aqua based exercise class for parents to enjoy with their children in the water.

This is the first fitness program of its kind, enabling you to work out without having to find childcare or créche facilities.

PABA is a 30 minute aqua-based workout program, designed to improve parents’ fitness and to introduce babies to the water. The programme is comprised of a series of moderately paced, low impact and fat-burning aqua aerobic exercises for the parents that integrate with elements of the tried and tested Aquababies swimming programme.

The concept of parents working out with their babies was born out of spending thousands of hours swimming with parents, listening to their concerns, observing them move in the water and recognising that they were already exercising.
There was a universal desire amongst mothers to regain their figures and keep fit, but many could not or did not want to leave their babies. Hence this program was created, enabling parents to engage in a mutually beneficial exercise program with their babies.

Benefits for Parents

Aqua Aerobics is an excellent method of exercise which improves the fitness of the heart and lungs, tones the body and reduces fat. It is an ideal form of postpartum exercise as it is kinder to joints and the water supports some of the extra pregnancy weight.

Working out with other like-minded people is a good motivational factor. Body weight issues are important to postnatal women and exercising in a homogenous group helps to reduce self-consciousness. This programme also offers a social outlet for parents to meet other parents with young children, commonly cited as a valuable experience for new parents.

These classes are open to parents and children aged up to 3 years.


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