Water Babies – time to learn a life skill –

Water Babies is Ireland’s leading baby swim school, teaching a core skill to hundreds of babies & children every week which can potentially save their life.

You’ll find a Water Babies course is very different to traditional swimming lessons.  For a start, because we only use warm water pools, babies can join us from birth. And while the emphasis is on having fun, our course is carefully structured, with progressive lesson plans for each week.

Fully qualified instructors work incredibly hard to enhance this magical experience.  With a core philosophy of teachingyou to teach your baby to swim, we’ll always explain why we’re doing everything, as well as carefully demonstrate exactly what to do.

Our unique methods will enable your baby to feel at ease swimming both above and below the water, and they’ll love the sensation of floating in such a warm, calm atmosphere.

We also hold regular underwater photo shoots, where you’ll have the chance to own a lasting memento of this special time in your baby’s life.

Water Babies home

In 2009, sisters Carol and Therese McNally introduced a very special kind of baby swimming to Ireland, inspired by a leaflet Carol chanced upon while visiting family in the UK two years earlier.

therese & carol mcnally

Passion and enthusiasm are clearly infectious – and are two things we’re never short of at Water Babies!   Jamie and Lisa Cobbe loved their weekly lessons so much that they’ve brought Water Babies to Galway, so now even more families can become a part of something very special.

The concept behind Water Babies is simple.  We are teaching you to teach your baby to swim.  Yet from this basic premise comes so much more.

We teach children to save themselves from drowning.  And remarkably, ten of our children have done just that within the last three years alone.  Our highly sociable lessons encourage parents to make new friends.  The confidence you both gain in the water will often increase your sense of confidence on land and the stimulation of a completely different environment will see your child thrive.

We gently guide you and your baby into an enchanting other world, where you’ll experience the thrill of seeing them move freely and confidently through water with a grace and autonomy you’ll rarely see on land.

Since Water Babies first started in 2002, we’ve grown to be the world’s largest baby swimming company, teaching more than 28,000 children each week.  An awful lot of hard work and dedication has created this growth.  And if you’d like to play a part in our future growth, have a read of our ‘work with us’ section’.


underwater photo shoot

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Water Babies
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Water Babies in Cork & Kerry

Water Babies
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Water Babies in Ireland North-West

Water Babies
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