We learn about making it cool to care about the Environment Claire Lewis

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Claire Lewis is the original Environmentally Responsible Lifestyle Company.

My name is Claire Lewis, wife, mum, author and nature lover! I started Claire Lewis Co. to inspire people to connect with the world in which we live. Everyday people normal, brush their teeth type, buy fresh milk type – who go about their business and either, by no fault of their own,  just don’t think about the earth and the things that they can do to make a diference. I love the outdoors and aspire to live a full fun filled life that doesn’t cost the earth, literally!

I have a BSc in Earth Science from University College Cork, Ireland. I always knew I would end up doing something relating to nature and the environment as it is all I ever think of. I was born an earth scientist and I will die an earth scientist, but my goal is to be one that has made a little difference.

I also write children’s books teaching children about Environmental Responsibility from a young age. I won’t go into this as my first book The Soother Cycle isn’t out yet, but when it is out I will let you all know!

Sharing with you my thoughts and ideas about everyday topics and interesting ways to include Environmental Responsibility (ER) into your life. ER as I call it because truthfully it is a very urgent topic that requires each one of us who has the ability to change just a little to do so.

I will review companies that share the Claire Lewis philosophy so you can purchase their products with peace of mind. I will also have some great guest bloggers.

The Claire Lewis philosophy is simple, “ask not what the earth can do for you but what you can do for the earth”. This does not have to be extreme but little fun ways made by everyone is more effective and a step in the right direction. Companies and manufacturers now more than ever have a responsibility to turn Green and there are some excellent examples worldwide. I will uncover these companies and products to make it easier for you to chose the best possible product for your needs. The Claire Lewis Company & Product Directory will make your ER shopping easy & green.

“Humanity is currently using 50 per cent more resources than the Earth can provide and by 2030 the combined capacity of two planets will not be sufficient to support global demand” – WWF Living Planet Report.

Claire Lewis only works with companies, products and services that meet our philosophy. Depending on the product the company must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Organic
  • GM Free
  • Chemical Free Products
  • Ethically Minded
  • Gives back & Supports Local Communities
  • Uses Recycled Packaging
  • Recycles
  • Products and ingredients not tested on Animals
  • Certified with relevant Environmentally Responsible Accreditation
  • Is a tree hugger!

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I do hope you enjoy this blog and please feel free to sign up to receive my blog updates via email, it’s great for me writing all alone knowing that so many of you receive and read my blogs and please share your comments I love to hear how you my thoughts resinate with you.

If you are a company that likes what the Claire Lewis brand stands for, and has a cool product or service that meets one or more of the criteria above then we would love to hear from you, Email info@clairelewis.ie



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