A Birthday for Ben – new children`s book from Irish Deaf Kids & Special Stories

Irish Deaf Kids has teamed with Irish publishing house Special Stories, to release an exciting new children’s book, “A Birthday for Ben”, which is about young children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Karen Quirke, a Dublin-born talented deaf artist, and sensitively written by Kate Gaynor, a Dublin author who writes children’s books that deal with difficult topics in a  child-centred way.  “A Birthday for Ben” is one of four books in the second series of books published by Special Stories, and is the first book of its kind to be produced and published for the Irish market.

As Caroline Carswell, the founder of Irish Deaf Kids, points out: “ ‘A Birthday for Ben’ is a very welcome resource for parents and teachers as it introduces the whole concept of hearing and deafness to young children. By making the book available to primary schools throughout Ireland, IDK and Special Stories hope to highlight the everyday issues that deaf children may encounter on a daily basis in mainstream schools”.

The book is offered by Irish Deaf Kids & Special Stories at €8.99 per copy.

“A Birthday for Ben” can be bought directly from IDK by:

  1. Writing to IDK at Terenure Enterprise Centre, 17 Rathfarnham Road, Dublin 6W, with your name, address, number of book/s required and a cheque or postal order.
  2. Emailing info@irishdeafkids.ie from PayPal with your name, postal address, number of book/s required and postage total.
  3. Visiting IDK’s iDonate page and including your order details with the payment. Please include EUR 1.00 per book for postage on all orders.

Postage Costs:

Orders will not be sent until payment is received.

Parents can donate the book to their child’s school at a 20% discount. To get this offer, the name and address of the school should be sent to Special Stories Publishing, who will post the book with a note to say who it is from.

For further details on “A Birthday for Ben” or stockist information, contact Kate Gaynor at kate(at)specialstories.ie or visit the Special Stories website.

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