We say hello to Karen Jay Designs introducing L`Hoop

Tired of hanging your eyeglasses, sunglasses, or readers in the neckline of your shirt or dress, only to have them fall off?
If you use your glasses for just reading or driving you know that it can be tricky to find a place for them to avoid
getting lost or broken but are still available when needed.
No more, sticking your glasses on your head only to have them stretched. Mix fashion with functionality!




And so the time came … I needed glasses, but only for reading. I kept losing them as I was forever having to take them off and put them on. Then in shops, when I needed them handy, I didn’t want to go rooting in my bag for them. I tried putting them on my head, but ended up with stretched frames. I certainly didn’t want the old fashioned type of hanging olders – so the result was L’Hoop – stylish but practical.   Necklaces that look good either with or without your glasses!

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