New Member Edel Abberton of Galway Autism Partnership

About Edel Abberton and Galway Austism Partnership


The vision of Galway Autism Partnership is that the people and families affected by autism spectrum disorders have services and support in Galway city & county.


Started a Facebook group almost four years ago for parents in Galway who had a child affected by autism . In Sept 2011 a coming together of those parents we started Galway Autism Partnership GAP as a community group for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Galway City and County.

Since then we have become a limited company and a registered charity . We didn’t wait for help for our children we started the change ourselves . We know have almost 300 families involved with GAP .We have an office space in Laurel Park Galway . We run a youth café for teens with autism/aspergers, 3 afterschool clubs, summer camps, autism awareness campaigns, monthly sensory cinema club , monthly support meetings, family days out.

We are involved in an exciting new project with National University of Ireland Galway in their Social Care Programme which will provide families caring for a child/children with autism the opportunity of additional support in this caring role.


Our Saturday kids club is due to start soon .Our personal connection to autism provides us with the passion and drive to help improve the lives of families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders in Galway.

GAP meets regularly for members to meet and get to know each other and share information. GAP uses the information and suggestions from its members to help shape its development.

Fundraising Events 

Edel Abberton and Ramona in an interview filmed by BC Films for RTE.

Fun at a GAP carnival.

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