How getting to grips with my babies gave birth to new business

Ollwyn Murphy, a mother of two from Templeogue in Dublin, was inspired to start her business by watching her children learn to crawl. After going back to college as a mature student she founded Creeper Crawlers, a baby suit with grips which is now sold in Mothercare.

Mothercare placed my first order in December 2012 and the product was on shelves by February. Mothercare has exclusivity for the first six months but after that I’ll look to sign up more retailers and hopefully start expanding overseas, into the UK and other English-speaking countries. I should be profitable in three years but that could be less depending on how fast I expand. The baby suits cost €14.99 each and come in cream, pink and blue, in two sizes. I have sold about 3,000 so far, through Mothercare and my website. About 70,000 babies are born in Ireland every year so there is a big market available.


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