Big Hello from Wapo 40% OFF Bia Beauty’s Baby’s Bum!

40% OFF Bia Beauty’s Baby’s Bum!

Big Hello from Wapo

Have you heard the big news? Bia Beauty’s Bia Baby Extra Gentle Cream has beennominated the BEST baby product by Moms & Tots magazine! Well done, Tracey! We’re very proud to stock this product and more from Bia Beauty‘s range at Wapo! By the way, do you have any plans for the National Heritage Week? It starts really soon, so you’d better make up your mind if you want to participate! At Wapo we have our own way to celebrate it – we are offering a special discount on… Yes, you’re right, Bia Beauty’s Baby Extra Gentle Cream! You can now get it 40% OFF (and don’t forget the free delivery)! Let’s all celebrate everything that’s Irish! Please note that the offer ends on Sunday evening and is only valid while the stock lasts.

Ever wondered what the word ‘Parfum’ on the cosmetic’s label means? Now you have your answer – read the new post under the Forty Shades of Green tag. Just visit Wapo’s Blog to find even more interesting stories concerning organic skin care and balanced lifestyle.

Have a Wapo National Heritage Week!

Mayca Fernandez,

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