Abby Wynne – Our heart is the GPS system of our soul, if it is switched off or ignored, we get lost

About Abby Wynne 
I am a Shamanic Psychotherapist, an Energy Healer, a published Author and a Teacher. I blend Psychotherapy, Shamanism and Reiki for a powerful and unique healing experience. My background is in science and adult education – I used to design courses for adult learners so I have a good understanding of the adult learning process.
I find that there are so many people out there who work from theory,  telling us what we “should” be doing. I prefer to teach people the “how”, and spend time working with people so they are confident in new skills and techniques.
And yes, I have a Science background and I am a healer! I bring logic into the healing room because this stuff is real, and many clients experience relief just stepping into a place where they can fully express themselves and ideas that may not yet be fully accepted by society.I am passionate about my work and the process of human empowerment, growth and development.
Relax with Reiki in Dublin with Abby Wynne
I want to reach as many people as I can in heart based community to share healing together to create  a better world.I write many articles, I have published a book “Energy Healing for Everyone”, and I also have produced guided meditations to support my clients on their journeys to wellness.
My facebook page is a community of light (Abby’s Energy Healing Page) with over 16,500 people on it, we share stories, positive ideas and have discussions around all things healing. I also have a growing following on Twitter.I am a fully accredited member of IACP  (Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy), a professional member of Reiki Federation Ireland and a member of the International Society for Shamanic Practitioners. I work in a highly professional and ethical manner, and all client sessions are completely confidential.
Shamanic Reiki releases heavy energies and balances the chakras
I also am a mother of four beautiful children, married for 14 years to a wonderful man I’ve been in relationship with for 20 years.I am available for personal sessions on Skype, or in my centre in Dublin, Ireland.
Psychotherapy in Dublin
telephone:  087 6593626email:
Abby has a range of Healing Meditations and an Energy Healing Book
With these CD’s you have a complete healing system!
 “I can’t believe how much my life has changed since I saw you. I’m more confident, I’m asking for things that I never thought I would ask for and they’re coming through for me! Coming to see you was the best investment I’ve made this year!”

Abby is currently teaching Reiki level 1 & Spiritual Self-Care with Spirit One Seminars.

She also teaches Spiritual Self-Care for Psychotherapists on behalf of IACP (Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Abby also runs private classes:Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)Reiki higher levels, Stress Management, Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Working with your Inner Child / Intuition, Introduction to Shamanism / The Shamanic Journey

Join Abby’s Healing Circle and receive one full hour of healing twice a month. Be part of a community of light, feel supported during difficult times in your life, or just because you want a boost!You can join for as long as you want, no matter where you are in the world!

Spirit One Seminars – Class DatesReiki 1 – 20/21 Sept Spiritual Self-Care – 16 NovBooking via Spirit One Seminars website.
Private Classes by appointment only. Classes either in Ranelagh or in your place of work. Email for more information.
Webinar Classes Learn how to heal yourself – join Abby’s Empowerment Healing Circle for monthly webinar classes starting October 2013
Abby has a fantastic website and we recommend that you take a look at it on

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