BLOCK T is an award-winning creative organisation based in Smithfield, Dublin 7

BLOCK T is an award-winning creative organisation based in Smithfield, Dublin 7.

Our primary purpose is to serve as a catalyst for creative individuals and organisations, working to foster, showcase and exchange Talent locally, nationally and internationally.

Objective 1: To provide a professionally managed creative cluster in Smithfield which promotes creative practice, collaboration among Creatives and with the community.

Objective 2: To host and produce high quality artistic and cultural programming that engages diverse audiences and delivers shared creative experiences.

Objective 3: To become an advocate for creative practitioners and entrepreneurs demonstrating their value to the re-imagining of global urban environments.

As well as curating and programming our own events and exhibitions, we also provide several services:

• Studio Provision and Memberships

• Workshops and Courses

• Exhibitions, Screenings and Talks

• Talent Mentorship and Advocacy

• Creative Policy Making and Facilitation

• Screen Printing

• Darkroom

• Workshop and Room hire

• Event management and Production

• Creative design and Solutions

• Stage Design, Visual Projections and Lighting

• International Talent Exchange

BLOCK T recently won the Arts Category of the David Manley Award.

Last year BLOCK T were winners of the first Noone Casey / Dublin Contemporary Mentorship awardand `Cultural Attraction of the Year`at the Dublin Living Awards and have been featured in theGuardian Newspaper, the Irish Times, ARTE (German television), National Geographic, AnOther magazine and Aljazeera (English), amongst others.


Winner of Dublin Contemporary Noone Casey Mentorship Award 2011

Winner of the David Manley Emerging Arts Entrepreneur Award 2013


Managing Director

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