Anne Goodson – we learn more about this entrepreneur

I am the CEO & Founder of Anna Goodson Illustration Agency & The MeatMarket a photography portal.

What’s really important to me, is to do the things I love and to have the freedome to do them. I’m passionate about my family, my work and working out. I love Illustration and Photograph and that’s why I started my two companies.

I think women make great entrepreneurs and I encourage and mentor young women to launch their own businesses.

The MEATMARKET is the place to pick up and connect
with the photo industry’s best.


We showcase and promote the very best in the photo industry to clients who know the difference. All applications are curated and membership is by invitation only. We’re not an agency and don’t represent any of our members.

Please feel free to hook up with members directly. At The MEATMARKET, you are sure to find the perfect person, service or place for your next photo shoot.

Our members consist of:

Anna Goodson Illustration Agency

Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, is a contemporary creative boutique representing some of the most prominent artists from around the world. Founded in 1996, Anna’s agency has a proven track record of expertise, insight and keen vision that has served the visual market well. Anna Goodson’s success comes from providing exceptional personal service to artists and clients while promoting the positive and professional use of illustration. Anna’s illustrators offer unique visual sensibilities and innovative solutions for leading clientele ranging from advertising agencies, design firms, magazines, publishing and newspapers from around the globe.


Illustration, Motion Graphic

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