Susan Chadwick – Discover Your Irish Roots

It is widely reported that over 70 million people worldwide are of Irish descent. Knowing about your family’s past can provide a link to the generations who have gone before you. We can provide the help you need to discover your Irish roots.

Whether you have a simple query, are hoping to make a major breakthrough in your family tree or have accumulated a list of details to verify and documents to obtain, Of Irish Descent can help.

Susan Chadwick is a genealogist who has been involved in family history research since 1997. With a background in teaching and IT(BSc. Honours Degree from Dublin City University), she also has a Diploma in Genealogy from University College Dublin. She became a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland in June 2010.

Susan has experience working with records from a variety of repositories including the General Registers Office, National Library of Ireland, National Archives, Dublin City Archives, Registry of Deeds, Valuation Office, Representative Church Body Library as well as many local centres and libraries.


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