Media Box ensures that your business gets a complete marketing overhaul with just one point of contact.

“The suite of expert services available at Media Box ensures that your business gets a complete marketing overhaul with just one point of contact.”

At Media Box we can devise a comprehensive strategy targeted to your specific audiences while giving you a valuable return.  

We are a highly enthusiastic team of media junkies who work hard to be better tomorrow than we are today. Our job is to make  your business fabulous and we get high on a business challenge!

The Media Box team are media junkies who love coming to work every day. We thrive on a challenge and motivate each other to be greater than we were yesterday.  We are creative animals who devise engaging and exciting strategies to match a business or organisation’s brand, budget and business ethos.”

Media Box is a multi-media agency based in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal and Galway City.  The company is led by Joanne Sweeney-Burke who has an impressive background in journalism, public relations, multi-media, lecturing, event management and also in the Chamber of Commerce movement – locally and nationally.

Joanne’s communications expertise is unrivalled in this region and she brings her expertise to bear on businesses, voluntary organisations, charities and public sector agencies.  Despite the challenging economic environment, Joanne is confident that Media Box can not only survive but also help ailing businesses and organisations overcome their own challenges.

“I have a track record in increasing outputs, devising communications strategies to target new clients and generating new revenue sources. In an economic downturn businesses need to revisit old strategies and become creative master-minds to overcome new challenges. There is always a solution. 

Too many businesses place little investment or give no regard to their communication strategies, in fact many don’t even have one.  In business you should be communicating to your customers on a daily basis using a variety of methods.  If your not talking then nobody is listening,” says Joanne.

The Media Box business strategy, with its multitude of services, enables us to devise unique and intergrated strategies for our clients. We master-mind Creative Couture* transforming your business and showcasing it on the catwalk of success.

Media Box (Letterkenny)

Unit A8
Enterprise Fund Business Centre
Co. Donegal

T: +353 74 916 8478
M: +353 87 623 7373

The New Rules of Marketing & PR- Our Top 10 Tips:

Are you new to marketing? Do you own a business but feel less than excited about your marketing activities?  Struggling to make head or tail of the myriad of new online platforms open to you?  Well as a start why don’t you download our free resource which gives you our top 10 Tips of the new Rules of Marketing & PR.


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