We catch up with our friend Meetmums

Meetmums.ie is a website for parents living in Ireland providing ways to meet other parents within their area.

Meet Mums


At Meetmums.ie, parents can search for children’s activities, parent and toddler groups and other type of playgroups available in the country such as baby swimming, art, music, sports and baby massage classes to name but a few.

Playgroups or parent & toddler groups, as they are also called, are recognized to provide informal support to parents, grandparents and childminders, as well as to young children. These groups are an important source of social contact especially for new parents and families new to the area.

Parents can also join the forum and arrange informal meet ups with other parents within their area and discuss every aspect of being a parent: pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, breastfeeding, emotional issues…

 About Me

Beatriz and her son

Beatriz and her son

My name is Beatriz Creo and I am Spanish national who has been living in Ireland for the last 12 years. I live in Bray, Co. Wicklow, with my partner, David, and our three year old son.

Having a baby in a foreign country is difficult. Your closest family is not around to help. You might have friends, but is not the same as your friends from your own country who know you for years and years.

But you don’t need to live in a foreign country to feel lonely when you have a baby. You might have moved to a new house. You could be the only one with a baby among your friends. Maybe your friends have kids but they are older and their plans don’t suit you. There are many reasons why you might find yourself in that situation.

Some things about this beautiful country don’t help either: the weather, the astronomical childcare rates, the few outdoor and indoor child-friendly places, the economic situation…

What I didn’t know anything about when I had my son was parent & toddler groups and all the different types of classes and activities available for parents and baby/toddlers in this country: swimming classes, baby massage, mother and baby yoga, baby signing, dance classes…

This was the main reason for setting up this website; I wanted an online directory of all playgroups available in Ireland so parents could find activities and classes suited to them and their baby/toddlers within their area at the click of a button.

But since I started my research, nearly 1 year ago, things have changed a little. It is not only a list of activities I want to provide on meetmums.ie. Through Facebook and Twitter I have gotten in touch with people who have interesting stories, advice, opinions and skills related to all aspects of being a parent that I think are very valuable and not portrayed in the media.

So I would like Meetmums.ie to be the platform where all these real stories and advice from mums, dads, and talented people come together; with new information related to child birth, breastfeeding, post natal depression, parenting, nutrition… and stories from those who have ran their own playgroup or parent and toddler group and want to share their experience and tips and maybe inspire some unemployed mums/dads, anyone, who would like set up their own playgroup or children related business.

So now I see Meetmums.ie as something organic that will change and grow depending on its users and contributors.

Real mums and dads make Meetmums.ie

Read more: http://www.meetmums.ie/about-us#ixzz2eWM04sjn

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