Why Weight Ireland’s TOTAL BODY TONE DVD – OUT NOW

After losing almost 8 stone and re-training as a Personal Trainer, Hannah Nolan is here to help you get in shape by toning your body and improving your cardiovascular fitness at the same time to get you in the best shape of your life! If you are using this exercise DVD in conjunction with your Why Weight Ireland Food & Exercise Diary, the exercises are already provided in the diary and will give the exact calorie burn based on YOUR personal details! So all you need to do is GET GOING….

Total Body Tone DVD – OUT NOW Cost €20 Including VAT & Delivery or €18 direct from the studio

The Total Body Tone DVD consists of:

Section 1 – Warmup

Section 2 – Body Blast – for an all over body toning and fitness experience

Section 3 – Ultimate Legs – for a fantastic calorie burning and leg sculpting workout

Section 4 – Core & Legs – will combat those all important tummy and thigh sections to give you fantastic tone and also improve your core strength

Section 5 – Coll-Down Stretch

Always important to complete the warmup before each workout and finish by completing the cool-down section. Make sure to get your copy TODAY – http://www.whyweightireland.ie

The Why Weight Ireland Total Body Tone DVD is now available for purchase on the Why Weight Ireland Webpage: WWW.WHYWEIGHTIRELAND.IE, as well as online streaming at Vimeo on-demand https://vimeo.com/ondemand/whyweightireland or through Hannah directly in the Tinahely Studio located in the Riverside Business Centre, Ground floor (behind Credit Union) Tinahely, Co Wicklow

What people have said after purchasing their copy:

‘Much better than my Jillian Michael’s DVD’

‘Can’t believe how many calories I burnt’

‘Best workout I’ve ever done’

‘Amazing that I can do a full class workout from home’

‘Much longer than any of my other workout DVDS’

‘I was so happy when I could purchase the DVD and wow it is like being in

Hannah’s classes all over again! I can really see how this DVD will benefit me already!’


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