Delicious Walls

We provide a link between local artists & photographers looking to exhibit or sell their work, and businesses looking to decorate their walls with amazing work.  We promote both the artist and business where the art is hanging on our website, Twitter and Facebook, so it is also a fantastic advertising opportunity.

It is a great opportunity for you to get your work out there, seen and sold.  The power of the public eye is a huge thing, so the bigger variety of locations you can get your work seen, the better.

Don’t leave those exhibition pieces in storage gathering dust; set them free in the wild to be seen, appreciated and potentially purchased!

Have some vacant wall space?  This is a fantastic opportunity for new and old businesses alike to keep things fresh and decorate their premises with amazing quality and unique artwork.  Not only will you be supporting local artists and economy, but you will earn commission on any pieces you sell on behalf of the artist.

Artist/Photographer submits a photograph of their framed finished piece including dimensions to our website where it is screened for quality.  Once approved, we list it along with the sale price and artist’s name in our ‘Artwork Currently Available’ gallery section where it can be viewed by prospective buyers/exhibitors.  When a company/business requests it for their walls, the artist delivers it to its new home where it will live (unless it is sold) for the next 13 weeks.  The artist will have the opportunity to see the establishment where their work will be hanging and perhaps give out some business cards, and the business will have a chance to meet the artist and discuss any specific requirements. As soon as a piece of artwork is snapped up and hanging in a business place, It will be listed here on this website in the ‘currently being exhibited’ gallery so the work will always be on our website to be seen by prospective buyers or businesses interested to nab it for the next ‘borrowing’ duration.  Businesses looking for a piece/s to decorate their walls can browse through our available gallery and choose one or more to suit their needs.  They contact us directly to request the piece and agree terms.  We then liase with the artist who, if happy with the premises and terms, delivers the piece to the business.   The artist will collect the piece at the end of the agreed term and delivers it to its next location or it goes back into the ‘available gallery section’ Because of how we operate, we can support local artists and businesses nationwide.

Sales: All pieces must be hung with the “Delicious Walls” display card directly underneath.  This card will contain all details about the piece.  (ie: Artist name, sale price, contact details, etc). The business displaying the piece of art at that time are entitled to a 10% commission fee and must notify us immediately of the sale.  We then contact the artist informing them of the great news so they can drop in to the business to collect their earnings.

Durations:  The standard duration for a piece to be exhibited is 13 weeks (3 months) unless otherwise negotiated.  Reminder emails will be sent to both the artist and business displaying the piece when the term is coming to an end. .

The Fee for the Business looking for art:  It is free to register with us.  There is a fee of €20 per piece per 3 month duration that you choose for your premises. All communication deailngs will be with us directly.  The piece of art will be delivered to your door by the artist. If you sell the piece during its 13 weeks stay with you, you take 10% of the sale price of the piece.

The Cost for our services:

The Fee for the artist/photographer:  The cost to register one piece with us is €15 a year.  Once registered, your piece will remain on our website in whatever category it falls under (‘Artwork currently available’  or ‘Currently being exhibited’ gallery) for 12 months and always ‘for sale’, should you be selling it.  If the piece sells when on display within your year, we move it to our ‘Gone to a forever home’ page where we add a ‘SOLD’ sign and it is displayed with your name at no further cost for as long as we exist.  Please note that the business that makes the sale is entitled to 10% comission fee, taken after the sale.

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