Oonagh O’Hagan MD Meagher’s Pharmacy Group

Meaghers Pharmacy

The Meagher’s Pharmacy Group had its roots in Baggot Street, Dublin, Ireland. It was first opened in 1921 and was operated by the Meaghers family up to 2001 when Oonagh O’Hagan (who had served her Pre-Reg year under the guidance of Pierce Meagher) purchased the store from the Meaghers family. Based on its reputation as a “Community Pharmacy”, it was important to Oonagh to retain the name; Meagher’s Pharmacy as a trading name. Over the next 10 years, five more Meagher’s Pharmacies followed; Ranelagh Village, Glenview Tallaght, Castletymon Tallaght, Barrow Street Dublin and Sandford Road Ranelagh. Today, Meagher’s Pharmacy Group is a leader in the Dublin area for delivering excellence in patient care and in the provision of Consultation Services.


Oonagh O’Hagan

Finalists for Enterprise Ireland WMB Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2013 

Oonagh is the eldest of four children. One sister, Joanne, works with the group as customer and sales manager. Her mother, a company director, is also a regular sounding board. Oonagh has two young children and works a five-day week, starting at eight or earlier, working until five and returning to email in the evenings.


Baggot Street

01 6605744

Opening Hours and Map

Barrow Street Pharmacy

01 6347000

Opening Hours and Map

Ranelagh Village

01 4971665

Opening Hours and Map

Ranelagh – Sandford Road

01 4986970

Opening Hours and Map

Tallaght – Glenview

01 4511465

Opening Hours and Map

Tallaght – Castletymon

01 4523562

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