We meet Lucy Pearce – finally coming out as an entrepreneur

My name is Lucy Pearce. I am a third generation Creative Mother – who has to relearn on a daily basis how to find balance and minimise the visits from my inner Crazy Woman.
You will see her emerge every so often on the blog! This is part of keeping it real – for you, and me  –  to  know that I am NOT superwoman, in fact I am often a woman on the edge – who is driven by an overwhelming need to create and serve.
Dreaming aloud
So here I am, married to Mr Dreaming Aloud – a dashing creative type who is still finding his own entrepreneurial courage whilst sharing the care of our three loopy cute kids aged 8, 5 and 3. We live in a little pink house with white shutters, in the village of my birth on the coast in County Cork, Ireland. We sit on the white picket fence which divides the mainstream world from that of the hippies – we like the view!

Walking the path of the Creative Rainbow Mother is where it’s at for me – trying to honour both my diverse creative urges (writing, painting, teaching, community-organising, baking, editing, world-changing…) and my need to be a hands-on, engaged mama to our three young children.
It’s not easy. I struggle. And a lot of the time I feel I’m failing. But it’s worth it.

After a liberal arts education, I travelled the world for a couple of years, with my husband-to-be, living in Japan for 7 months, before having our first baby at home aged 25, followed by two more in 4 years.
At 29 I was mother of three, with a growing career as a freelance writer and editor at a natural parenting magazine (Juno), when I started to blog. This changed my life and ramped up my vision a whole other level.
I always knew I would be a writer: I just didn’t know what to write about!!
After 7 earlier attempts on books as diverse as poetry, a Roddy Doyle-esque novel and a cook book… I started my  first proper book whilst my three children had chickenpox – yes, that’s the way I do things!!
That book on Creative Mothers, now called The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood has been on a long journey, via agents and publishers, receiving a couple of the nicest rejection letters anyone could hope to have! And it found one. it will be published by Soul Rocks in November 2013, and has received hearty endorsements from so many of my heroines.

So whilst I was waiting (have I told you that I’m impatient?!) I wrote another book! As you do!
So Moon Time emerged, in the space of just four months – from first idea to being on the shelves of internet retailers around the globe.
My first, rather delightful foray into the seemingly scary world of self publishing. I am tickled pink by the constant feedback I receive from women telling me how much it’s helping them. Yay for my first book – my fourth baby! It has been bought by hundreds of women around the world, from Mexico to New Zealand, Denmark to Denver, Croydon to California, many of whom have contacted me to tell me it has been “life changing!” That’s not a response I take lightly. It was followed eight months later by book number two, Moods of Motherhood, a soulful, honest journey through the emotions of maternal life, which has been resonating with mamas, helping them feel supported and accepted in their highs and lows. My third, Reaching for the Moon, a girl’s version of Moon Time is out mid June 2013. Followed in November by The Rainbow Way. I am now working on numbers five, six and seven… which thrills me beyond words.

Now I write a number of blogs, including:The Happy Womb – a wonderful resource hub for women’s empowerment, and my baking blog The Queen of Puddings. I lead women’s workshops, edit Juno, teach blogging at the prestigious Ballymaloe Cookery School and paint. A busy, colourful and mainly happy life.

I am finally coming out as an entrepreneur and finding a viable way to harness my skills and earn a living for our family through my creativity. I share this journey on the blog.  
The contents above is for promotional purposes only, join Lucy on her website at http://www.dreamingaloud.net

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