Slender Choice New Website just launched – we learnt their story

This is Karen`s story and the creation of Slender Choice.

In June 2008 I was overjoyed to give birth to my first son Aaron and with all the excitement of looking after a new baby I hadn’t even noticed my weight increasing. A few months later I went to a friend’s wedding with my husband Frank and little did I know that a photo of the wedding would change our lives forever…

In September 2008 I joined Slimming World and was horrified to realise that I had over four stone to lose.  All my life I had battled with two stone and now all of a sudden it was four – if you could never lose two AND keep it off, how on earth would I lose FOUR?? It seemed like such a mountain to climb but when I returned the next week with 5.5lb off, that was me hooked forever!

Week after week I learned more and more about eating healthier and in just over 9 months I was a target losing an amazing four stone. I was so excited by Slimming World that I worked for them at a senior management level for over three years and in the process helped hundreds of people to reach their dream weight!

In 2010 I realised I was not alone in my struggle to source low fat meals convenient meals that tasted delicious and after copious discussions with Frank we decided to give it a go ourselves. We got busy cooking up our favourite family meals and were thrilled when family, friends and colleagues kept looking for more…

After months of research Frank decided to leave his full time secure job so that we could really give Slender Choice 100%. This was just before Christmas 2010 with Jamie our second child about to arrive in March 2011! Brave some might say but we believed so much in the products that we developed that we really felt it was worth the risk!

Now Slender Choice can be seen on the shelves of every Irish supermarket and we will enter the UK market in 2014 woo hoo!! It has been a roller coaster ride with incredible highs along the way including our appearance on RTE’s dragons den! Working together for ourselves has brought us immense joy and we are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from you.  We know that our foods will make it easier for you to lose weight and more importantly to keep it off forever and with many years weight loss expertise if you need any help simply log into our weight loss forum and ask me!

Having maintained my weight for over 4 years I am now the lightest and healthiest that I have ever been and want to help the nation achieve the same! My whole family enjoy healthy nutritious meals every day of the week and when we don’t have time to cook we can have a fabulous Slender Choice meal in just five minutes.

As I like to say “Big Taste… Small Waist” now go and have a look at this Fantastic website – recommended by

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One thought on “Slender Choice New Website just launched – we learnt their story

  1. after a hard day at work and then to visit a family member in hospital, I called into Tesco Wilton, Cork for something quick and tasty, not expecting too much, I was blown away with Slender Choice Chicken & Sweet Potato, so tasty and filling. Im still thinking about it, even brought the sleve of the container with me today to google same and show my work Collegues. Guys, thank you so much for a great product and making my life was easier. Clare McCarthy, Cork.

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