We meet Small Changes providing customers with a variety of environmentally friendly products


Who we Are

Peadar Rice

Peadar Rice – After being diagnosed with cancer, Peadar made many changes to his lifestyle. One of the decisions that he made was to start using eco friendly products. He was very disappointed with the inconsistency of availability and was sometimes shocked at how much they cost. He felt that this was deterring a lot of people from using these products. With this in mind he decided to establish Smallchanges.

Niamh Maher – With a background in television production, Niamh looks after media for Smallchanges.  She manages our social media, through Facebook and Twitter. She looks after all local and national publicity.

Mayte Gonzalez – Originally from Spain, Mayte has been living in Ireland for over 13 years.  In February of this year she joined the Smallchanges team as our Web Developer. The Smallchanges online store and website is managed by Mayte.

Our Ethos

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with a variety of environmentally friendly products at an affordable and reasonable price. We are a small team who care about the planet and who believe in sustainability. If we act together, no change that any one person makes can ever be too small. But the time to act is now. We believe passionately that nobody should be denied the opportunity to have a positive impact on our environment due to cost. Sustainability doesn’t have to be expensive, something as simple as changing your household cleaners to the alternative environmentally friendly version can have a huge impact, if enough of us do the same.

Why Use Eco Friendly Products?

We believe that the presence of synthetic, man made chemicals is having a terrible impact on our health, our environment and our society.

Can you be sure that the products that you are using at home aren’t having a detrimental effect on you and your family’s health? A lot of the products that you use on a daily basis don’t give you a full breakdown of the chemicals that they contain.

We believe that being exposed to such a cocktail of toxic chemicals in confined spaces is extremely damaging.

Every time that we flush these products down our drains, we are posing huge problems on our planet. Unfortunately, due to decades of neglect and underfunding our national water system is riddled with leaks. Can we be sure that the chemicals we are disposing of ever make it to our local water processing plant, or are they leaking out and contaminating our local environment.

What Products Do We Stock?

We stock a wide variety of green products that include household cleaners, natural baby products, environmentally friendly shampoo and soaps, composting aids, energy saving, heat loss and water conservation products.

We don’t make any extravagant claims about the products that we stock. We don’t engage in “Green Washing” and we don’t pretend to be something that we aren’t.

Peadar Rice

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