Emerald Chrysalis was established by Susan McEntegart i

An Irish business, Emerald Chrysalis was established by Susan McEntegart in a direct response to the challenges created in the current economic climate. Realising that every day more and more companies were struggling to compete and keep afloat with limited budgets and ever increasing costs she set out to do her bit by providing guidance and counsel to various companies across Ireland. It became apparent quite quickly that there was a clear niche in the market for informed advice and a specialist in revenue acceleration….and so Emerald Chrysalis was born!

Emerald Chrysalis provides clients with a variety of services including both project specific tasks and long term partnerships. Clients can outsource key tasks to us for a fraction of the cost of running such functions in-house or they can simply take advantage of our expertise by enlisting our assistance for the successful and rapid achievement of business objectives.

About Susan

Prior to establishing Emerald Chrysalis, Susan has spent over 10 years working in various senior management roles focusing on multiple areas including sales and marketing, strategic planning, health and safety/operations management, software solutions, localization, communications and PR. She brings with her this wealth of experience and also a vast network of contacts to facilitate our valued clients achieves excellence.

Since establishing Emerald Chrysalis Susan has worked with a varied group of clients from individuals looking to improve their CV and thus employment opportunities to large organisations looking to implement change and process. Client testimonials and case studies throughout this website will give you a glimpse of the services we can provide and the value we can add to you and your business. Emerald Chrysalis currently has clients from across the island of Ireland as well as in the United Kingdom. While Susan is the main operator and service provider we also subcontract to specialists in their field and also outsource specific tasks to our key business partners.


The above content is used for promotional purposes only.

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