We checked out Hosiery by Sabina


Hosiery by Sabina Logo

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, I hope you find something in our range of hosiery that appeals to you…………

This website has been a dream of mine for many years, and on a wonderfully sunny October afternoon, sitting outside a café in Paris , watching the world go by it finally grew…….legs.

If you are going to be inspired , I guess Paris is a good place to be and as I sat there enjoying my coffee, the beautiful buildings.. the sunshine!! watching the style ,elegance and individuality of the people walking by …I began to think of the one thing that we ladies universally have in our wardrobe…tights.

Now I admit, I have always had a love hate relationship with hosiery especially tights. Trying to find a pair that expressed my own style, mood and individuality or lets be honest , just matched the outfit or shoes I wanted to wear has always been a struggle for me as it is, I believe for most women and so I decided I would try and change that….and HosierybySabina was born.

I did not want to just design ….tights, I wanted them to be more than that, I wanted them to reflect the style and elegance of a time gone by and I also wanted them to be as individual and unique as the woman who was going to wear them.

What I decided to do ,was to design high quality hosiery at an affordable price ,that feel like silk on your legs , look elegant ,classy and sensual ,that could be worn to work or out of an evening and feel so comfortable, that you would not know your wearing them .

And so began many months of long hours ,a lot of mistakes and a lot of laughter ,until we have finally arrived at what ,I believe is a wonderful selection of hosiery………for you.

We have 24 different and unique designs to present to you from …. tattoed tights to patterned tights, from ….holdups to plain tights.

To add to the uniqueness of our tights , all are presented in a beautiful satin bag with ribbon and makes for a lovely gift that any woman would be happy to receive.




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