Dee O`Leary awarded the ‘Business Parent of the Year’ by Maternity & Infant Awards 2013!


Photo: Big Thank you to Fuzion PR, Marketing & Graphic Design for sponsoring my category at the Maternity & Infant awards yesterday 'Business Parent of the Year'

Dee O`Leary awarded the ‘Business Parent of the Year’ byMaternity & Infant Awards 2013! Well done from

IDME wristbands, ensures your childs emergency info is always at hand and offers you peace of mind, ideal when travelling with children.
Our Velcro Child ID Wristbands are waterproof, durable and comfortable.
Great for any outing where your child might get separated from you.
Whether it’s a trip to the beach, holiday, birthday party, school tour or just a
visit to the shops your child will have potentially life saving information at hand.
iDME was founded to help protect our most precious assets, our children. As a mum of 2 young boys, I came up with this idea when my eldest turned 3 – too big for the buggy and too young to be trusted. Distracted for a moment while paying for my groceries, he was gone. Overwhelmed with panic, I spent the next five minutes looking for him, recruiting everyone that was available to help. Every minute seemed like an hour. I found him in a cafe nearby waiting patiently for his lunch. I knew there and then there had to be a quicker way for someone to contact me if they found him, if he ever ran off again.

iDME is my response to the hugely stressful scenario that involves children being separated from their carers without any form of identification. Our wristbands will provide contact details for immediate recovery, as well as profile your child’s medical requirements if need be. My three-year old calls it his ‘secret agent’ wristband; I call it a little bit of peace of mind.

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