New Member: Love2Assist was co-founded by sisters Helena Dixon and Liz James, lets find out more


More than just a Virtual Assistant

  • If you have a list of ‘things to do’ that is never ending
  • If you love your work but don’t want to work all the time
  • If you are losing customers because you haven’t the time to focus on your core business
  • If your processes and procedures need improvement
  • If you just haven’t got the budget or space for another resource

We would Love2Assist you !

No matter what your business is or where you are located we have a range of services to suit your business needs. We can assist you with all your administration needs includingdocument managementback office supportsocial mediaevent planning,newslettersproject management supportresearch and reporting.

If you aspire to balance your work and life, and have a need for a more flexible approach to administrative solutions then contact us today to see how we can work together.

About Liz and Helena

Love2Assist was co-founded by sisters Helena Dixon and Liz James. Both of us have over 14 years experience within the public and private sectors both in Ireland and Australia.

Helena Dixon

Helena About Us

I’m a mum-of-two, married to a great husband, and live in the west of Ireland. I’m an independent performance driven professional with 15 years experience in innovative driven sectors¸ including healthcare, environmental, engineering and construction. I have excelled in the areas of marketing and sales with a specific focus on leadership and managing projects.

I have a very positive attitude with a strong work ethic and one of my greatest strengths is my ability to build strong professional relationships. My personal philosophy is that I want to help people succeed in their business and achieve their potential through continuous improvement.

I have good creative skills with particular attention to detail and have been involved in all aspects of re-branding and understand the importance of marketing, social media and communication.

Like many people I aspire to balance work and life and I know the demands and challenges that businesses and individuals endure on a daily basis. I recognise the need for a more flexible approach to administrative business solutions.

I’m passionate about many things in particular anything to do with food, current affairs, photography and I’m aspiring to live a minimalistic and simple(ish) life.

Find out more about Helena on LinkedIn or Contact Helena today.

Liz James

Liz About Us

I am a perfectionist, a stickler for detail and get enormous satisfaction from a job well done. I take great pride in all the work I do and the strong relationships I have built up over my many years in the IT and Business industries.

I have been living and working in Australia since 1999, and have worked for companies within the public and private sectors as a Senior Business Analyst, Project Manager, Team Leader, IT support consultant  and various administrative roles. Companies include BUPA, IBM, AIB, Dept. of Housing and Dept. of Child Services to name but a few.

I am a natural leader and team player which has seen me rise to senior levels of project teams and successfully implement many systems and business processes, procedures and practices.

I love to spend my down time with my husband and two beautiful daughters and I understand the importance of ‘not taking work home’.

Find out more about Liz on LinkedIn or Contact Liz today.

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