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aoife evan 1024x757 Our Story

Aoife originally opened her traditional offline Children’s retail store in 2006 after finding it difficult to source good quality comfortable & flexible footwear for her son. During that time Aoife fitted tens of thousand of pairs of feet and her store won many accolades such as Best in Retail 2008 /2009. Aoife also took the coveted Entrepreneurial award from The Chamber of Commerce for her work fitting many medical foot complaints – often fitting Children with difficulties at their own home.

Gripper Soles

This store traded successfully for 6 years and Aoife eventually sold her business on as She decided to return to University to complete her Post Graduate and concentrate on family. She did both successfully!

It occurred to Aoife that during her time as a retail fitting expert She found it very difficult to source from suppliers a prewalker shoe that could be machine washed and at a cost sensitive price point. Many customers expressed frustration at their children having bumps and bruises on wooden floors and tiles. As a mother herself Aoife knows only too well the perils of learning to walk for some children. Aoife set upon sourcing such as product that would benefit –

• The Child
• The Parent
• The Podiatrist
• The pocket!

Foot health remained a critical factor and we are now proud to say Podiatrists love our product!

After many suppliers, designs , trials and machine washing -The end result is Gripper Soles (TM). Keeping all customers happy – including the pocket!

Gripper Soles are designed to support and protect little feet every step of the way. Gripper Soles pre walker shoes promote healthy foot development, support, grip and protection. Made from natural rubber soles, cotton uppers and are anti-bacterial lined. Machine washable footwear for use indoor and outdoors all year round.

Why Choose Grippers?

The importance of footwear.

The human foot is a very complicated part of the body and the feet of young children are soft and pliable, so abnormal pressures can easily cause the foot to deform. The foot of a child grows rapidly during the first year, reaching almost half their adult foot size. That first year can be very important in the development of the feet.

Many adult foot problems can have their origins in childhood, so attention to footwear in children can minimize the risk of these problems in adults. Poorly fitting children’s shoes can cause a number of problems in adults. Given the high level of pain and discomfort that these problems can cause, it is obviously logical to attempt to prevent these problems by ensuring that the child’s shoe is fitted appropriately. Foot problems in children are usually preventable by correctly fitting footwear.
Do Babies Really Need Soft Soled Baby Shoes First?
The simple answer is yes!

When it comes to your precious baby, nothing but the very best will do. And this rings true to their feet when selecting the footwear to fist put on your pre walking or first walking baby.

When can I put Gripper Soles ™ on my Baby?

Gripper Soles ™ can be used by babies learning to crawl up to an including when they need to venture outside! The unique bumper toe gives babies the added grip to confidently learn to crawl. For babies that have mastered the art of crawling the revolutionary rubber sole gives enough protection to move to the next level of learning to walk!

The feet are a very complex part of our body. Did you know that babies feet are made up of 26 bones, 107 ligaments and19 muscles?!

Over the last decade pediatricians and parents have learned that hard soles and split hard shoes are not suitable for babies as they find their balance and learn to walk. Babies feet are soft and pliable, and pressure from the wrong type of footwear may delay and hinder their development. Pediatricians recommend that bare foot is best for tiny feet to grow and strengthen naturally, but as parents we know it is not always practical. So…. soft soles are the next best thing! Soft soles are extremely flexible and protective, they have wiggle room to allow freedom of movement to grow, grip and develop foot strength naturally.
The best type of footwear for first walking babies is made of natural fibres and mimics bare feet. Heavy hard soles or split hard soles install a false sense of security and consequentially result in more stumbles, falls and possibly accidents. Hard soles or split soles for pre walkers and first walkers can possibly damage the foot arch of a tiny and growing foot; therefore cause problems with proper development, leading to a lifetime of possible chronic foot, knee and back pain.
Gripper Soles soft soled footwear offers protection for little feet without restriction. Our antibacterial non slip soft rubber soles, cushion and support babies important first steps. Our soft soled baby shoe range is cotton lined which allows feet to remain cool in summer and warm in winter. The elastic ankle band is supportive and does not interfere with the foot’s natural motion; instead it allows babies feet to flex with ease and freedom of moment and motion.

When should I put a hard soled first shoe on my baby?

Firstly, do not put structured shoes on a baby who has only learned to stand; they will make it much more difficult for him/her to balance. Indoors, where it is safe, barefoot for a few hours a day is best for improved grip and to encourage good development.

Your toddler will not need structured shoes until he/she is walking unaided for most of the day and is ready to walk outside. The revolutionary rubber patented sole by Gripper Soles ™ can be used indoors and outside and until you feel that they have mastered the art of walking!

Gripper Soles footwear provides flexibility, protection and plenty of wiggle room for feet to grow, grip and develop.
Their journey – your peace of mind!




The above is used for promotional purposes only, please do not copy!

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